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Italian Union of Fastener Distributors

Is an association of Italian companies specialised in the distribution of fasteners. The purpose of the Association is to regulate and standardise the relations among fastener distributors and between these and national and international manufacturers. The association is made up of natural persons, sole proprietorships, and commercial companies whose main activity and specialisation is the distribution of fasteners (nuts and bolts and similar items). UDIB aims at promoting relations among the members and provide technical and regulatory support, thereby solving the problems encountered by the companies of this sector in a unified manner.

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Wednesday 16 May 2018 12:00
Dear Associate Friends

at the DADO HOTEL in Parma on the 16th May 2018 at 9:30 the General Assembly of UDIB was held.

Around 78% of the members were present for a total of about forty people: thank you for your presence !!!

There were several topics for comparison, a new associate was presented and there was talk of selection and levels of gap in the obviously Fasteners sector.

The 2017 final balance and the 2018 budget have also been unanimously approved.

The next meeting to be held on September 25th in Milan, on the occasion of the Italian Fastener Fair was announced. In that location UDIB will have its own stand that will be available to be used by the members and that we would like to become a meeting place for "our" operators.

The Parma meeting ended with the usual lunch always at the DADO HOTEL.

I thank all the participants for the warm and engaging participation.

Best wishes.

Gian Marco Dalpane



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